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1080pcs Tri-proof Lights to Germany

26th, June 2018, a new container of 1080pc Tri-proof light is loading at our factory FYTLED CO., Ltd. The container will be shipped to Germany. Although it was raining during loading, workers packed the goods professionally and patiently, through everyone's efforts, we accomplished the job successfully.

According as the ‘Checklist for Loading of Containers’, workers inspected the container outside & inside carefully before loading. E.g. The covers for ventilation groove exist and work; Container is waterproof, completely dry, clean, free of any loading arrears and odourless; No nails or other object which could damage the goods.

1080pcs Tri-proof Lights to Germany

Workers have checked all packages on external damages, loaded packages in good condition.

The container and the packages have the right labeling and shipping marks.

1080pcs Tri-proof Lights to Germany

All packages were load carefully and stored safety inside of the container. The container is optimal loading and hold out the pressure of the shipment. The weight is evenly distributed inside of the container.

As a responsible manufacturer, FYTLED meticulously carry out every package throughout production and loading. We expect to deliver and present intact lights in the front of client.

More precise information about FYTLED Tri-proof light/Vapor Tight Fixture:

1080pcs Tri-proof Lights to Germany

T56 Tri-Proof Light

Highly energy efficient - up to 130lm/W


Quick snap lock

DIP-switch dimming and color temp. Adjustment

3-Phase wiring

DALI/1-10V dimmable

Build-in sensor optional

1080pcs Tri-proof Lights to Germany

E-Cloud Non-corrosive/Vapor Tight Fixture

Highly energy efficient - up to 130lm/W

IP67, IK10

D-mark tested

Single installation or use as continuous line

Quick and easy installation

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