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2018 Holiday Travel

In August, the autumn after the rain was warm and cool. With such leisurely mood, we started the annual traditional tour of FYT Company on 18th August.A world-class holiday place-Overseas Chinese Town East.

2018 Holiday Travel

The Heroes Valley is a fusion of natural scenery and thrilling rides. Play a variety of thrilling adventures in the ecological canyon and plays in the constant temperature world of the Water Park. Take a leisurely stroll along the Fiordland Boardwalk, admire the Great Falls and the gardens, or stand on the the full glass viewing deck, which stretches outside the cliff and take a panoramic view of the entire OCT. Everyone was shocked by the spectacular scenery of the Chinese seaside biggest waterfall -the Heroes Valley Waterfall. Experience the world's longest rushing journey - the thrill of the fjord rafting, and watch a variety of exciting performances throughout the scenic spot.

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After a day of physical and mental relaxation, in addition to shock, emotion, surprise, and joy, everyone was also impressed by the irresistible natural forces, which made us strengthen the belief in nature,the belief in awe and the protection of ecological resources. While feeling the joy of returning to nature, we also deeply lamented the vitality. Of FYT and the unity of us, and determined the determination to work together for the bright future of FYTLED.

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