• Street Light T63
  • Street Light T63
  • Street Light T63
  • Street Light T63
  • Street Light T63
  • Street Light T63
  • Street Light - Street Light T63
  • Street Light - Street Light T63
  • Street Light - Street Light T63
  • Street Light - Street Light T63
  • Street Light - Street Light T63
  • Street Light - Street Light T63

Easyway Street Light T63

1.Very high efficiency 160lm/W

2.Excellent thermal management ensures long system lifetime

3.IP65 and IK10 protection grade

4.Cost effective solution

5.5 years warranty

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Description Parameter
  Easyway T63 LED Street Light

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Easyway T63 LED street light offers an affordable LED road lighting solution to the customer for both pedestrian and vehicle road applications. Its die-cast aluminum housing and high quality Tomcarline power driver ensures long lifetime and reliability. It offers 2 housing sizes and beam optics for road and street with 2 or 3 lanes. With 5W EMC 5050 led chips, it reaches 160lm/w for the system efficiency and helps the customer to save more energy.


-10KV surge protection

-1-10V dimmable driver



-European Market: CE, RoHS

Product Details

Area of application

Road and street

  • Roads and streets

  • Parking lots

Standard lumen (150~160lm/W)
Model Nominal wattages (W) Nominal voltage Rated luminous efficacy (lm/w) Nominal luminous flux (lumen) Beam Angle LED Quantity CRI
T63-20W 20W AC100~277V
165±10 3300±200 TYPE2-S 20 PCS
5W EMC 5050
T63-30W 30W 160±10 4800±300 20 PCS
5W EMC 5050
T63-40W 40W 155±10 6200±400 20 PCS
5W EMC 5050
T63-50W 50W 150±10 7500±500 20 PCS
5W EMC 5050
T63-60W 60W 160±10 9600±600 TYPE3-M 36 PCS
5W EMC 5050
T63-80W 80W 155±10 12400±800 36 PCS
5W EMC 5050
Electrical data Photometrical data
Operating frequency 47-63HZ Available light colors warm white;natural white;daylight white
Type of current AC100-277V Available color temperatures 3000K;4000K;5000K;6000K
Power factor λ >0.9 Color rendering index Ra >70
Efficiency in % >92% Color rendering index Ra <5
Start time (0.2s / 0.5s / … ) 0.1S UGR (Unified Glare Rating) <27
Warm-up time to 60 % (1.5s / 2s / … ) 0.5S Available beam angles TYPE3-M
Standards & Certification Temperatures & operating conditions
Type of protection IP65 Heatsink temperature 5~+70℃
Tested dielectric strength 3.75KVac Ambient temperature -30~+50℃
Safety features Open circuit protection;
short circuit protection ;
overvoltage protection
Storage temperature -40~+80℃
Certificates CE,ROHS    
Energy efficiency class A+ & A++    
Lifespan Features/Capabilities and additional product data
Rated nominal Lifetime 5 Years Base/Socket Directly wired
Switching cycles 100,000 times Dimmable 1-10V dimmable
Lumen maintenance at e.o.l. 70%    

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